Where to Buy Clothes for Apple Shape: Discover Stylish Solutions

Where to Buy Clothes for Apple Shape

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If you have an apple-shaped body, finding the perfect clothes that complement your shape is essential. From stylish dresses to comfortable tops and flattering bottoms, there are various options available for you to look and feel fabulous. Here is a comprehensive guide on where to buy clothes for apple shape, as well as the best dress styles and outfits that suit this body type.

Best Places to Shop

When it comes to finding stylish and flattering clothing for apple shape, certain stores cater specifically to this body type. Here are some top-rated stores where you can shop for clothes suited for apple-shaped figures:

Store Contact
Urban Outfitters (512) 499-0006
Anthropologie (512) 236-9301
Kohl’s Online and Physical Stores
J. Jill Various Locations

Best Dress Styles for Apple Shape

When it comes to choosing the best dress styles for apple shape, certain designs work wonders in accentuating your features and providing a flattering fit. Here are some recommended dress styles for apple-shaped bodies:

  • Wrap Dresses: These feature v-neck and plunging necklines to highlight your bust and often include a belted fastening to define your waist.
  • Smock Dresses: These offer a relaxed fit while still providing a stylish and comfortable look.
  • Skater Dresses: With a flared skirt and a fitted top, skater dresses are great for creating a balanced look.
Where to Buy Clothes for Apple Shape: Discover Stylish Solutions

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Best Bottoms for Apple Shape

Choosing the right bottoms is essential for an apple-shaped body. Here are some types of bottoms that work well for this body type:

  1. Cropped Kick Flares: Great for creating a balanced silhouette.
  2. Wide Leg Jeans: Suitable for apple-shaped women, offering both comfort and style.

Where to Shop Online

For those who prefer online shopping, there are numerous websites catering to apple-shaped women:

  • Karina Dresses: Offers a range of dresses that flow over the midsection and lift the bust, including maxi dresses and faux wrap dresses.
  • Amazon: Provides a variety of clothing options specifically designed for apple-shaped women.

Final Thoughts

As an apple-shaped individual, embracing your body type and choosing the right clothes can make a significant difference in enhancing your overall appearance and confidence. Whether shopping at physical stores or online, there is a wide range of options available, ensuring that you can dress in a way that makes you look and feel your best.

Frequently Asked Questions For Where To Buy Clothes For Apple Shape: Discover Stylish Solutions

What Clothes To Buy For Apple Shape?

For apple-shaped body types, there are certain clothes that can flatter your figure. Opt for wrap dresses with v-neck or plunging necklines, as they highlight your bust and define your waist with a belted fastening. Smock dresses and skater dresses are also great options.

Avoid halter-necks and shoulder-baring tops, and opt for A-line fits and floaty tunics. Look for tops that wrap at your natural waistline and flare at the hip to conceal a bigger tummy. Cropped kick flares, straight leg jeans, wide leg jeans, and slim leg jeans are ideal for apple-shaped women.

You can find stylish dresses for apple-shaped body types at Karina Dresses and Jill Alexander Designs. Additionally, Gloria Vanderbilt clothing, especially pants/jeans, are known to be suitable for apple shapes. J. Jill is another recommended brand for apple shape midsize clothes.

How Should I Dress If I Have An Apple Shaped Body?

For apple shaped bodies, it’s best to choose clothing styles that highlight your bust and define your waist. Opt for v-neck tops and dresses, A-line fits, and avoid halter-necks and shoulder-baring tops. Flowy tunics and relaxed fits are flattering choices, while avoiding clingy materials.

Consider wrap dresses, smock dresses, and skater dresses for a stylish look. Shop at brands like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and explore options online on websites like Karina Dresses, Amazon, and Jill Alexander Designs.

How Do You Hide An Apple Shaped Stomach In Clothes?

To hide an apple-shaped stomach, go for tops that wrap at the natural waistline and flare at the hip. Choose diagonal lines, big prints, and texture to divert attention. Opt for A-line or wrap dresses and loose-fitting tunics, and avoid clingy materials.

Consider Gloria Vanderbilt clothing and J. Jill.

What Kind Of Jeans For Apple Shape?

For an apple shape, choose jeans that flatter, like cropped kick flares, straight leg, wide leg, or slim leg styles. These will help balance your silhouette and provide a comfortable fit. Consider brands like Gloria Vanderbilt for affordable options tailored for apple shapes.

J. Jill is also a popular choice for versatile and soft silhouettes.

Faq 1: Where Can I Buy Clothes For An Apple-shaped Body?

If you are looking to buy clothes for an apple-shaped body, there are several options available. Some popular stores that cater to this body type include Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. They offer a range of trendy and boho-chic apparel suitable for women with an apple-shaped figure.

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